Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 4 in E Flat Major 1886 (aka 1878/80) – Ed. Leopold Nowak [1953]

Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 7 in E Major 1885 Version. Ed.Leopold Nowak [1954]

Sinfonieorchester Basel unter der Leitung von Mario Venzago

2 CDs CPO 777 615-2
Mario Venzago begins a new Bruckner cycle for CPO
The first two symphonies in this announced cycle are being released in May in Germany and based on the promotion (below), it appears to be an interesting project: „When Mario Venzago begins a larger project, you can be sure that something extraordinary this comes out. This was in his Schumann project so, and this is the case again if he now devoted all Bruckner symphonies in radically new view: „This recording is to demonstrate that Bruckner has written the same Symphony not nine times (as often claimed) but each has its distinctive statement“, for which the composer invented new musical principles and an always changing sound. Therefore, it was my wish to assign a specific Orchestra of very different size, culture and tradition each Symphony. „The other Bruckner“ project is a snapshot. These recordings highlight the characteristics of each Symphony. „However, the following criteria apply to the whole: a very slender sound in the tradition of Schubert´s (against any massive, pathetic), a rubatoreiches, taktstrich-free music and the composition of sacred ritual moments.“ Be sure: it´s a listening adventure that awaits you here! The Symphony Orchestra Basel opened the cycle.“